Batching stations

Weighing and tilting units for preparing precise batches.

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Batching station, type IL 1000/300
The task of the batching systems is to standardise the production of various sausage products. The system is charged with the necessary prepared raw ingredients and these are transferred to a set of mobile scales by means of hydraulic, double-action stainless steel cylinders. These scales consist of a stand with a load cell for accommodating a 200- or 300-litre standard trolley.
The user can be assisted in the preparation of the cutter batch by a recipe program in the terminal. This program contains all the necessary information such as the recipe and component names, target and actual weights of the individual components and the maximum permissible deviation from the target weight.
The batching systems are available with a varying number of tilting stations, depending on requirements. Batches can be traced by recording and acknowledging the consumption data. Terminals are used in line with your product specifications.
Scales, type 2760, for standard trolleys

The scale type 2760 provides a high rate of efficiency during the weighing and commissioning process. The system is designed for 200/300 liter standard loading trolleys type 2410 (DIN 9797).

A pneumatic version of this scale, which automatically lifts a standard trolley after activation of the hand valve, is available.

Our standard system is compatible with all common weighing terminals in stainless steel containers.